Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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Much has happened in the last few years at Black Oak Farm.  We're now calling it Bryant Farm for one. And the chestnuts are moving in a forward direction.  2015 brought us our first decent harvest.  2016 brought another loss, only a few hundred pounds due to weather issues. But here we are on 2017 and optimistic about the harvest this year.

We have started another business, Virginia Chestnuts, and this will be the processing wing of chestnut production.  Virginia Chestnuts purchases chestnuts from Bryant Farm and other orchards and then takes on the responsibility of cleaning, weighing, refrigerating and selling the chestnuts.  Visit www.VirginiaChestnuts.com to see what's going on there.

We'll be posting photos during this harvest and would like to hear what you think.  You can send a comment at Virginia Chestnuts, or link to our FB page, https://www.facebook.com/virginiachestnuts/
 or our Twitter page, https://twitter.com/vachestnuts.  Look forward to hearing from you there.

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